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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Days go, another come  
But no one knows from what we run 
Destiny is a hope, of no certain but death  
I went to my funeral, long time ago I guess   
All I can remember is that regret 
No weep no tears,  
No cries, have heard   
I wonder; how bad I lived 
No game, no cheat 
No friends or love  
With empty hand I came   
With empty one I left 
Fought hardly I tried  
But no one knews, what makes me to death 

I still remember, every look in her eyes 
Like yesterday I looked  
OH! My tender gives me the shots 
Make me stop to remember   
And let’s leave it out;  
No suffer any more, 
Just love amour  
She decided …. She left 
Any way… 
Behind the story still something had missed 

My tender please, gives me the scotch! 
Let’s leave out that way;  
I rather go than to stay 
That was the last I heard she say 
My tender ‘pulls ahead’ the glass 
Send me to the last  
Please, do it again 
No one has my game  
But I won’t remember  
No hurts or pain 
Keep it soft that way  
Till hardly can fit  
To blind my mind  
Give me the affection,  
And take it another time  
If suffer my look, I’ll never regret 
However my tender Love ‘tears us apart’, 
Still all the story about  
Be carful my lovely tender, be wear  
Be apart if you care  
From love just stay aside  
Bad was my life, since love knocked my door 
Crazy the soul became 
And mind had being out  

Merely I remember;  
How bad I have been, before my time had gone 
With no thing in hand  
And grumpy faces at me looked 
As Honest I was, 
Every one doors just be locked  
No one but me has left in the trunk  

Merely I remember; 
The ways through we had went 
All places where we strolled  
Every story, became a story that now is end  
But ours my sweet, is an endless one  
The last legend people believe in it  
I guess  

My tender let me tell you my dear; 
No place will you ever love, 
But the home where early you play their and run 
The first home you’ve ever got  
Since the age of child’s look 

No one you love, like the first one in your life 
As virgin keep your self  
Like the Marry pray to the God 
With your ways wrap it up 
With no ‘mess around with some one’ 

Love the game you play 
With certain true you’ll win 
Think again and again  
Who deserve to gain?  
You or the devil out 
Remember … remember  
The only truth on earth  
Is the death  
So make whatever you want 
Put it up and leave it all 
No one knows what it is  
Why we need to kill other souls  
My tender No thing deserve than proudly death  
I guess …… 

Thousandth of people I had met  
Every body with ego, always not to be fit  
Some of whom I remember  
Love to fall in shits 
Others I was thinking how sweet is their looks 
But neither those nor the else  
Can make you feel the happiness come down to earth  
They just want you smile as fake 
With an opened mouth to live 
No mind, no soul or better your death  
Only they can eat  
And the orphans to be dead 
All they want is money in pot  
No one care for the rest 
Oh! My dear tender, give me spirit if you have 
No one knows when the time arrive,  
But we all knows, however long it takes  
Sure is to come  

No doubt in such  
As long as no rush  
I am about to live at ‘full blast’ to last 
And miserably should being left   

Bartender! Give me the sweet shots you have 
I am thirsty to the old spirits in fist  
What a pitiful, is to stay thinking of death 
Apparently it comes, so let’s have some fun 
And tomorrow when come  
We Gonna sing a welcome song  
And play for the angle’s our best  
The lovely song he loves 
Neither being late at night  
Nor the early bird on the earth makes you out of death   

Oh! Tender just let’s drink  
From the soul of the angles  
Mixed with that spirits up 
When the sun is about to rise   
Just let me know if I still  
Who knows what is well 
Rather call the numbers  
And the director will work it out  
Oh my tender I forgot  
From long time ago I went from the life out   
Look me up,  
The grave is the home  
Where like me live 
As all is left  
But only who loves still  

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