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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The fake Love which still true for me

 I have made too many concessions. And you thought this weakness, but this was love and compassion. I did not imagine that I was with you, you make the demand, this will turn into hell in your eyes. I made a mistake illusion. But do not forgive myself for you and I can not insulted myself anymore. I thought you were like me. But I was the fool. 
I have realized many things now, but not too late to fix what I ruined. But I want clarity in self-defense only. I have checked myself again and realized what happened until it's good does not affect more than myself. 
      I thank for everything good or bad, because I do not blame you for something because it is not one of us deserves to blame the other.We have accepted this and it is that we reap the obstacle to love, or what I have thought it's a love. 
My heart die, but not forever, as tomorrow is gonna be a new sun for a new day and everyday will come even i will still remember you, I will live it as never before. 
      Things changed, not just inside but also my mind has grown up to realize the fake and lie that you made as a true. You are feeling low that is Why you can't face me, not because I am the One who make you trouble. If I want to be with you, I had make that true forever, but you make me think in you as a jesus and me as a slave for you, and that is the mistake.
    I knew your weak now, the mistake I have done is not realize that where is it from the beginning and so on I just turn my self to look for you, not to contain you and your angry. But what I had figured that it's better if  I make you thinking more about how can you feel me, not just the thing you want, and  to make you bigger me is the something I have forgot because I was in love with you. 
  "There is no forever love' that what you have said as believing, but what I will say to you is that love is in heart however we have met a passengers in our life, the only true love would be with us wherever we go. You as if you wish or not, would be stock in that heart and once day we will meet I will tell you. how much I have suffer to keep you inside. Even the passengers really nice and pretty.
We might love suffering, and the one who can make us suffer is the one we always need, that is what i have got out from you, and you teach me that you need to be suffered to feel How much is love is you.
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