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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Egypt between Justice and Chaose

Sorry, I love Mubarak as a President and I liked what he did as Politics, but Actually If I still blind more I would die from what's surrounded me.   I was jobless.  When surgery has been mad for me in my heart, stupid doctors and staff I have met in my way that destroy my life.  And now I am in need to do another surgery in my heart,
 With who want to between Mubarak era or chaos and they already choose chaos they are right. But for who need the chaos right now go for hell,
Our country should be The Lotus’s Flower as it has been shown out from the Naas' satellites, which shown in its picture how much does Egypt is pretty from the out of space.

For who now refuse put Mubarak in jail after going to the court and judge him, I say sorry. Yes Mercy over judgment but when that some one takes over our resources and leaves us in poverty without food, cloth or Education. So sorry that you Say please stand up against the justice to let Mubarak run a way and let the coming president fuck the Egyptian Again and stolen the resource and go on in nonstop circle.... so on and no upgrade for the Egyptian People.
I want to say that if Justice doesn’t take its way With integrity and transparency no will not take it over any more.... and we shall go for no where.
Let's invest our self out of pleas don't make Mubarak up in the court and fighting each other. Does the revelation or the chaos, does the life or the death, and does Mubarak or what we are in right now?????
Many questions just led to crazy, so pleas all Egyptian the only aim now should be Egypt

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